Halie Ramsey

Subscription Made Simple for Everyday Wellness

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Is there anything better than your favorite, healthy products showing up on your doorstep each month? What about getting free products and product credits just for ordering things you're already using? Sounds like a winning situation to us! Which is why we love ordering using the Loyalty Rewards option! We ditch conventional, toxic products for safe, clean Young Living versions, save money, save time, create a natural home, and get freebies all at the same time!

To set up a Loyalty Rewards order, search for the products below, then click ‘Add to Loyalty Order.' You can manage your monthly order by going to ‘My Account' and ‘Loyalty Order'. You can edit your order each month to reflect what you need (hello easy button!), change the order date and shipping options. Just make sure to order 50PV minimum each month in order to maintain and increase your percentage back in points! Every time you hit a qualifying PV threshold (100PV, 190PV, 250PV and 300PV), you will automatically add free oils or products to your order!


This month we are focusing on the basics of a healthy lifestyle because these are the foundation we need when the cold months arrive!

  • Everyday Oils Collection: We recommend having this set of oils on hand at all times because they are truly ones we use every day! Here's what is included:
    • Lavender: The Swiss Army Knife. Use for everything - sleep, skin needs, respiratory health, hair care. We order this monthly!
    • Lemon Vitality: Sunshine in a bottle. Use for cleaning, oily skin, purifying and brightening any diffuser blend or DIY. We order this monthly!
    • Peppermint Vitality: Crisp and cool. Use for tension, sore muscles, respiratory health and digestion. Diffuse to cool and uplift. We order this monthly!
    • Frankincense: THE skincare oil. Use daily, for acute skin needs. Diffuse for calming and sleep. We order this every 2-3 months!
    • Tea Tree: Cleansing & purifying. Use to get rid of unwanted odors, for laundry and cleaning, and keep in your first aid kit. We order this monthly!
    • DiGize Vitality: Your belly's BFF. Apply to the abdomen, add to a large glass of water or drop under the tongue as needed for belly woes. We order this every 2-3 months!
    • Joy: The happy blend. Floral and bright. Use as a perfume, diffuse and add to DIYs. We order this every 2-3 months!
    • PanAway: Nature's muscle rub. Dilute and apply to sore or tired limbs, add to epsom salt for a soak or diffuse! We order this every 2-3 months!
    • Purification: For all the odors. Purifying and fresh. Use in DIYs, laundry, diffuse, and use for blemishes. We order this every 1-2 months!
    • Stress Away: Beach vacation in a bottle. Use as a perfume, diffuse, add to body care DIYs. We order this every 1-2 months!
    • Thieves Vitality: Immune booster. Use all day every day! Diffuse, dilute and apply, use as a supplement, add to hot tea. We order this monthly!