Halie Ramsey

Foundation Color Matching Tricks

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Now that you have your tools for success, let's talk about color matching and how to pick the right foundation shade for your skin! Color matching does not have to be complicated—in fact, we are going to make it super simple!

There are three foundation shade categories: Warm, Cool, and Dark. Each color line features three or four tone options to find your perfect match. Our mineral makeup can easily be combined for a fully customized color in any shade. Don't be afraid to blend different foundation shades to find your perfect match!

First, you need to identify what the undertone color of your skin is: warm, cool, or dark (just like our foundation shades). Take a look at your wrist or look at yourself in the mirror. If you have the opportunity to sample the foundation colors, find your match by applying a small amount to your jaw. If the color disappears and looks natural on your skin, you've found the right foundation color! These are some general questions to help you decide if you are warm or cool.

Warm undertones: Your skin will have a golden, yellowish, and/or peachy hue. Your skin tans in the sun and doesn't burn as easily. Like to wear brighter colors Feel better in gold jewelry Have greener veins on the inside of your wrist You can be very fair with warm undertones. Warm No. 1 is light but has golden undertones. Celebrities with warm undertones: Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Aniston

Tip: Warm No. 2 is the most popular foundation color. If you are older, a warm color can help give your skin a youthful glow.

Cool Undertones: Your skin is fair, light, will show hints of pink, and has more of a porcelain look. If you see lots of pink in your knuckles, have blueish, purple veins, and burn easily in the sun, you most likely have cool undertones. Like to wear pastels and purples Feel better in silver jewelry Have blue veins on the inside of your wrists Celebrities with cool undertones: Anne Hathaway, Adele, Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone

Neutral: If you feel like your skin isn't clear-cut warm or cool, you may fall into the neutral undertone range. People with neutral undertones can pull off the widest range of colors on their skin. You can wear a cool or a warm foundation color; you decide what you feel and look best in. You may like to wear a cool foundation in the winter and a warm foundation in the summer. Celebrities with neutral undertones: Sandra Bullock, Kristen Stewart

The Dark foundation color line is neutral - simply pick the shade that is closest to your skin color. Try adding a little Warm 3 or Cool 3 to make your foundation the perfect match for your skin!

Once you have determined whether you have cool or warm undertones, you need to decide the shade from your color line. No. 1 is the lightest, and No. 4 is the darkest.

Some general tips on color matching:

If you buy a color and are not getting the coverage you hoped for, chances are you need to go one shade darker. Move from a Warm 1 to a Warm 2, for example. If you wear Cool 1, move to Cool 2. The only exception is if you are wearing Warm 2. In this case, we recommend adding Warm 3 into your Warm 2 instead of jumping straight to Warm 3. There is a big difference in color between these two products.

Another common phrase that's a sign for incorrect color matching is, “I feel like it looks chalky!”. If this resonates with you, chances are you need to move from the cool line into the warm line or vice-versa.

Which foundation color is best for you?